About the Diaries

The Storm Diaries is a series of novels featuring the adventures of young forensic meteorologist Stephanie “Stormy” McLeod and her blue heeler, Oongwai. Stormy uses a unique gift to allow her to solve cold case mysteries centered around extreme weather events. She’s also a part-time storm chaser and is often joined on the hunt by her best friend, TJ Tanner. TJ’s a transplant from Virginia and is almost as obsessed with storm chasing as he is with hunting treasure. He and Stormy bonded over their mutual hobby of metal detecting and love of history. He’s the only guy Oongwai allows too near his mom, and the affection is mutual.

Each volume of the Storm Diaries revolves around a historic weather disaster, giving our heroes plenty of chances for adventure, mystery and danger. All the while, Stormy is making discoveries about some more immediate, personal mysteries that have eluded her for decades. Follow Stormy, TJ and Oongwai as they sift through the storm-strewn rubble of the past to unlock the truth of the present.